Are You Sick Of Traditional Medicine's Cost,
Side-Effects And Ineffectiveness?

Alternative Or Complementary Medicine May Be Better For You Than Traditional Medicine Alone

Have you ever benefited from Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

CAM is a set of health care systems and practices that are outside of traditional medical care.
Why would you consider turning to alternative or complimentary healing practices rather than just sticking to traditional methods?

Consider this ...

$1.1 trillion dollars was spent on traditional, conventional hospital services in the US in 2017

Britain residents were spending a whopping $3,600 (£2,900 GBP) per person on healthcare in 2018, nearly 10% of the entire British Gross Domestic Product.

Traditional medicine often causes unfortunate side-effects.

Many CAM therapies are covered by insurance and are often less expensive and more effective than a traditional medicine approach to healing.

Complimentary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine ... What Does It All Mean?

  • Alternative medicine provides a substitute for traditional medicine, typically with all-natural methods
  • Complementary medicine complements conventional medical practices
  • Integrative medicine means using CAM treatments in addition to conventional healing protocols where there is statistical and scientific evidence for their effectiveness and safety

Does this mean the care you have been receiving from your doctor is substandard?

Not at all. But these healing practices have appeared because in some cases they are better approaches than what you are used to for getting you better, and for preventing further illness or sickness AND most important, often they help your doctor heal you faster.

Consider this example...

You experience frequent lower back pain. You go to your doctor, just like you have in the past. You find out your doctor is now including CAM practices to help his patients heal. These are not always prescribed but are sometimes combined with traditional medical treatments to speed up your recovery or they are recommended instead of conventional medicine as more and more doctors these days are adding CAM options to their practices.

Your doctor gives you the conventional, old-school talk about losing weight and becoming more active, two things that often help alleviate back pain. In addition, he recommends acupuncture and massage therapy because he says these alternative medical practices can help you heal quicker.

This is a situation where your doctor has recognized and recommended proven healing methods that most modern medical professionals would not prescribe.

Why Consider Alternative and Complementary Medicine?

This is the million-dollar question...

  • Alternative approaches address issues that conventional medicine does not, for example life quality and side effects. In general, alternative medicine can help treat the whole person, instead of just the condition or its symptoms.
  • The National Health Interview Survey found that in the United States alone, about 38% of adults, that’s 4 in 10 are using some form of CAM, this means millions of people trust it.
  • Sometimes alternative medicine options are sometimes more effective than conventional medicine for healing the sick. For instance, many doctors and health professionals recognize that alternative treatments like dietary supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and simple dietary changes have proven more effective than frequently prescribed medications for treating and beating high blood pressure.
  • In other cases, alternative or complementary healing methods end up saving you money in the long run. If they help you heal faster than conventional medicine alone, your treatment isn't as lengthy as it may have been, and this could save you money.
  • Many alternative medical practices mean less time with your doctor or in the hospital, and that is always a good thing.
  • Alternative medicinal practices which have been used for thousands of years without frustrating or dangerous side-effects.
  • Many alternative medicinal practices forgo modern-day medication and pill-popping prescriptions, sticking with natural health boosting methods that are side-effect-free.

What is important to understand is when and if you should turn to alternative healing as a substitute or complement to conventional medicine and of course the many different alternative options at your disposal.



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In some cases, alternative healing practices are more effective than traditional medicine.

The time to get this critical information is now

It doesn't make sense to put off learning about treatment options that could save you money, shorten the time you spend at the doctor's office, and also help you avoid the unnecessary side-effects seen with conventional medicine.

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