Pilates workouts can help to form an excellent foundation for your regular fitness routine. Pilates focuses on stability and core strength, emphasizing smaller stabilizing muscles in the hips and shoulders.

Pilates frequently gets roped into yoga, and many describe it as yoga with a workout, but that description doesn’t even come close to doing Pilates justice. In this article, we’ll provide you with the basics you need to know about Pilates before getting started.

Why Pilates
Pilates has gained a lot of its popularity through dancers, due to its focus on toning your muscles, rather than bulking them up. Pilates is a workout designed for every muscle of the body.

This workout also has a strong focus on breathing, promoting the circulation of oxygenated blood to encourage a healthful workout. It focuses on the stability of your core, even when working out extremities, allowing those who do it to consciously keep their abdominal muscles engaged.

Getting Started
You can do Pilates from the privacy of your own home using internet videos or guides, but you can also choose to take part in a class to help ensure you’re doing the workout 100% correctly. Mat classes require very limited equipment and are the easiest to do at home with a video found on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet.

Mat classes are a great starting point for beginners to help familiarize them with the basics of Pilates. It’s important to note that sometimes mat classes can be too basic for those that are already experienced with Pilates or have trained a lot; these classes also don’t frequently focus on the arms a lot, but they aren’t entirely neglected.

Reformer classes are often done in groups or with a private instructor. They require more complicated and, frankly, expensive equipment. This class involves using a piece of equipment called a reformer that targets arms and legs without neglecting the core. Much like a Bowflex machine, reformer workouts give all of your muscles, your entire body an excellent workout.

Where Might You Find Pilates
You should be able to find a number of Pilates classes online and/or at a local gym. There are also many physical therapy clinics that are Pilates-based, which use Pilates routines to help strengthen the muscles in those that have suffered an injury of some sort.

As we said before, you can find videos for Pilates workouts that you can easily follow along with in your home, but if you feel like you need more direction, you can sign up for a course at your local gym or hire a private instructor to get more guidance through your workout.

Pilates can be a great addition to your workout routine that works to strengthen and tone every muscle of the body with a strong focus on core stability.

This workout regime has grown increasingly popular amongst dancers because it allows them to improve their strength and flexibility without changing their shape by bulking up too much. Pilates is frequently used by athletes, such as gymnasts, dancers, football players, etc. to supplement and flesh out their regular fitness routine.

Whether you decide to take a class or just follow along with a video in your own home, it’s important to remember a few safety tips. You need to be sure that you stretch and warm up fully before you get started in your routine, so you don’t risk injuring yourself.

Pilates isn’t an overly risky fitness routine, but there are certain risks of injury all workouts involve. If you’re concerned you’ll hurt yourself or do the routine improperly, it’s probably a good idea to sign up for a physical class, rather than trying to do it all on your own.

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